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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -  Albert Einstein

As long as humans have imagined, we have marveled at the vast unknown and made stories about heroes, gods, and goddesses to explain the stars above us. Soon we will become the heroes of our stories and venture into the great unknown. 

Our minds have been captivated by the renewed interest in space exploration. As a society we are dreaming of traveling to different planets and reaching the stars. As everyday goes by our dreams are closer to becoming reality. Human endeavor has been reignited and adventure awaits. And our sights have been set on our red next door neighbor. 

Once again the greatest minds of our society are coming together to do the impossible. We are poised and prepared to take a leap of faith and venture where no life has gone before. Innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and the public all around the world are working towards inventing new systems to take us past the heavens. 

Recreate Energy aims to be one of the companies that helps accelerate our terrestrial society into a space-faring one. The use of our adaptive and robust oil system will allow the first martians to create a renewable and powerful energy grid. The use of recycled human waste and martian water will allow the prospects of optimal algal growth in the new world. The entirety of our system will be operated on solar energy which will provide energy security for the martian colonies. 

Just as highly energy dense fuels are needed on earth to construct human habitats, it too will be needed on Mars. Through the use of renewable bio-crude oil, larger machinery can be used to create such habitats and begin terraforming the martian surface to promote the growth of vegetables, making it easier to establish a permanent colony on Mars.

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