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"[The phrase 'swing for the fences']  many Americans will recognize from baseball. When you swing for the fences, you’re putting every ounce of strength into hitting the ball as far as possible. You know that your bat might miss the ball entirely—but that if you succeed in making contact, the rewards can be huge." - Bill and Melinda Gates

From day one, Recreate Energy has been taking risks and thinking big. The current crisis that faces the modern world today can and will only be won by the risk-takers, the thinkers, and the brave. Recreate Energy embodies every one of these qualities; we do not doubt, we do not conform and we do not retreat. We have and will continue facing the challenges coming our way the same way we have faced them on day one. Head on. 

Focusing on the production of algal biofuels has been deemed as impossible or extremely risky to do. Many would rather find comfort in improving existing green energies but only do so because these technologies have proven themselves in a time they too seemed impossible. The fact of the matter is that focusing on niche renewable solutions will not get us to the goal of maintaining under 2% global warming, and it will not help develop the opportunity for growth in underdeveloped communities. 

Without a question, oil will continue being the lifeblood of our modern society and we need it to advance us into the future. Oil allows us to create life-saving medicine, build bustling cities, create everyday items, and propel us to new frontiers. The use of oil accounts for the largest source of energy within the US with the industrial sector being the largest consumer of energy. While it is good that green technologies are maturing and developing, without a viable alternative to oil our reliance on oil will continue. 

A need to strengthen the US oil industry has never been more clear and the perceived energy independence of the US was a fallacy. By being able to create renewable oil it will allow the US to diversify its energy portfolio and prevent meltdowns of the energy industry caused by domestic or foreign factors. In times of stability, the surplus of oil can be used to increase the US influence abroad by supporting the development and energy independence of developing nations and allow for US companies to take advantage of a new emerging economy. 

Recreate Energy’s goal is to provide clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy solutions to help those most impacted by climate change, support those who are developing, and protect the national security of the US. We imagine a world in which worrying about the degradation of our earth is a consequence of an archaic past. We imagine a world in which human ingenuity and perseverance trumps any obstacle that we face as a society. We imagine a world in which the collective human endeavor strives to reach for the impossible, to create the unimaginable, and explore the unexplored. 

Here at Recreate Energy we seek to do the impossible by redefining what it means to produce energy. 

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