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“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The entirety of Recreate Energy’s system will be run on energy produced on-site through the use of a small-medium solar field and the combustion of methane produced as a byproduct of our system. We want to be able to create a vertical energy system to both be able to maintain independence from the electrical grid allowing us the ability to build our system in a wide array of places and produce an extra revenue source in the form of surplus energy. ​

As the microalgae grow we can restrict certain nutrients that will cause the microalgae to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen can be captured and burned to provide energy to the station. Once the microalgae have matured, they will be turned into an algae slurry which will enter our refined HTL system. This system works by submitting the algae slurry to intense pressure at relatively low heat to produce bio-crude oil. After the bio-crude oil is produced it needs to be upgraded in order to be able to be sold as feed stock to refineries. 

The final product will be sold to gas and oil companies directly at a discounted market price through the use of a contract. This contract will ensure the relationship between Recreate Energy and the gas and oil company is mutually beneficial. Working with gas and oil companies also guarantees that our clean oil will be reaching consumers through the oil companies’ downstream systems. 

The high production rate and low operating costs will allow Recreate Energy to create deals with large oil refineries to sell refined fuel to aviation and transporting industries. Such a method will increase Recreate Energy’s market share and ensure maximum profitability.

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